You can make a difference with your donation!

Contributions to the scholarship fund send development officers to the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC).  Scholarship recipients bring home new ideas, energy and enthusiasm for their work.  We all win.

Knowing that you've given this opportunity to someone who would never have the chance to attend the PMDMC is the best benefit of all.  PRADO will also recognize your generous contribution on our site.

For the 2024 PMDMC in San Diego, PRADO is raising money for development officers who cannot afford to attend.  You can help.

Contributions range from $10 to $2500.  Whatever you wish to give will make a difference.  You can pay by credit card or receive an invoice.

We do want to recognize you and/or your business or organization.  Please give us enough information so that we may do so.

If you have questions about the fund and how you can contribute, please contact Regina Yeager

Thank you for your gift.

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