How We Serve Public Radio

The PRADO Board of Directors and other volunteers support development professionals in the public radio system through a variety of projects and services.

PRADO Slack channels
The PRADO Slack allows public radio development professionals to easily share ideas and gain immediate feedback from colleagues around the country.  Apply here.

Development Professional of the Year Award
This award is presented by PRADO each year to recognize a station-based individual who has demonstrated excellence at his or her public radio station.  Winners are announced at the Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference.  For a complete list of past winners, click here.

Mentoring Program
The PRADO Mentoring Program enables public radio professionals to gain access to role models, learn new skills, collaborate with colleagues, and reach new heights in professional development.  Mentors and mentees are matched throughout the year.  For more information on the program, click here.

Scholarship Program
Each year, PRADO solicits financial contributions from vendors and individuals to provide scholarships to those who would otherwise not be able to attend the Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference.  For more information about this program, including how you can contribute, please click here.
Providing a supportive environment for public radio development professionals