Membership FAQ

What is PRADO, anyway?

PRADO is the Public Radio Association of Development Officers - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization that provides a supportive environment for public radio development professionals.  Learn more about the organization at the PRADO About Us page.

 What services does PRADO provide?

  • PRADO Slack
  • Development Professional of the Year Award
  • Mentoring Program
  • Scholarship Program for PMDMC 

Learn more about all these programs at the PRADO How We Serve Public Radio page.  

Are memberships individual or station-based?

Memberships are individual.  PRADO does not offer station memberships. Each individual at a station must pay separate membership dues in order to be considered a member.

Who should pay for my membership?

Some stations will pay for their staff to be members of PRADO.  Some individuals pay for their own memberships instead.  If you do pay as an individual, remember that your donation will follow you if you change jobs. 

What are PRADO membership dues and additional gifts used for?

Membership funds are used for operating expenses that serve development officers. These expenses include PRADO Slack, maintenance of the website, mentoring programs and other PRADO activities.  They support PRADO's ability to offer scholarships to attend the PMDMC.

When is my membership due for renewal?

Your membership is due to renew a year from when you first started.

To check your membership status, please send an email.

How many members does PRADO have?

Membership usually holds steady at around 200 members each year. 

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by credit card, or you can request an invoice and pay by check.   

Great!  How do I join?

Visit the PRADO Membership page and click the appropriate button (depending on whether you want to pay by credit card or check). 

Providing a supportive environment for public radio development professionals