PRADO Slack Rules

In order to make this list work effectively, we ask that you agree to these few rules.  If you have any questions about the rules, please contact a member of the slack committee.


  1. The purpose of PRADO Slack is to allow a place for people to have regular discussions and interactions regarding issues pertinent to the area of public radio development. 
  2. PRADO Slack does not allow postings of any advertisements for commercial services or postings that are promotional in nature.   
  3. Please try to keep all postings of a nature related to the purpose of the list - supporting the folks who do public radio development. 
  4. Please use common sense and common courtesy with your posts.  We discourage flaming or negative comments about competitor's products and/or services. 
  5. All messages posted to PRADO Slack are intended only for distribution to other members of the list, and may not be quoted, republished or used in any other way without the prior written consent of the author of the posting. 
  6. All opinions expressed are those of the individual who posts them to the list, and not that of PRADO or Slack. If you need a legal opinion concerning a legal requirement, please consult your communications attorney. 
  7. PRADO Slack does not allow individuals to join the list using aliases or fictitious names. 
  8. Your questions and ideas are important, so we encourage you to post.  If you wish to post anonymously, please contact a member of the slack committee.  

Thanks for your assistance in keeping PRADO Slack a useful tool by adhering to these few rules.  Your participation is important!

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